Eyebrows & Beards

Scalp hair is used as donor hair and is placed in the eyebrow and beard area. Eyebrows starting from $4995-$5995, Beards starting from $6000

A beard, a mustache, sideburns, a goatee and rugged stubble are style options every man should have. Due to genetics, surgery, burns or other injury, men can suffer from thin or scarce facial hair. In times past, there were no options to correct this, but with advancements in hair transplantation technology these complicated and meticulous procedures have become reality!

Even more technically challenging, FUE performed on the beard and eyebrow area requires greater precision and attention to detail because of the delicate tissue. As hairs extracted are individually selected in making sure the diameters match with aesthetics of beards or eyebrows.

Eyebrows & Beard Transplants

Eyebrows starting from $4995-$5995, Beards starting from $6000

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Beard Transplants for$3750

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